HR Coordinator - Female - Saudi National | Del Monte Arabia
HR Coordinator - Female - Saudi National
Vacancy Code: HR
Function: Human Resource Management
Position Type: Regular Full-Time
Country: KSA
Location: Jeddah,KSA
Employment Type: Full Time
Date: April 15, 2018

 Reports To:  Organizational Development Manager

Subordinates:  None


The main areas of responsibility:

·         Assist in Formulating, interpreting, and implement rules, policies, and procedures.

·         Assist in Identifying & executing the legal requirements and government regulations affecting human resource functions.

·         Create and update personal files of all employees from new employee to employees that no longer work for Del Monte.

·          Provide continues support on the administration of the recruitment, examination, and selection of personnel.

·         Update accommodation records of labor employees.

·         Update and maintain medical insurance records, ordering new medical cards when required.

·         Update and maintain vehicle insurance records, ensuring vehicles are correctly insured at all times.

·         Create and maintain incident reports ensuring claims are dealt with in a timely manner.

·         Acknowledgement of new employees, advise line managers and ensure any relevant training has been completed.

·         Assist in monitoring the performance appraisal process among departments, and administer the related documentation.

·         Contribute in al HRD practices (Succession planning, ER, PA, personnel services, policies, and procedures).

·         Keep confidential employee details such as salary, pay rises and personal data

·         Assist in payroll processing

·         Update annual and sick leave

·         Prepare salary and other certificates

·         Deal with any salary discrepancies

Dimensions of the Job (targets):

·         Ensure weekly and monthly reports are submitted on time

Department interaction:

·         All departments for HR issues

Flexibility in having to carry out a range of different tasks:

·         Flexibility to arrange own time line to carry out daily tasks as long as weekly and monthly reporting is completed on time

Work allocation, review and approval:

·         Allocated from  OD Manager

·         Work reviewed by OD Manager

·         Approved by OD Manager

Decision making authority:

·         All final decisions made by OD Manager

Contacts made with others outside of Del Monte:

·         Insurance Companies

·         Banks

·         Recruitment Agencies

·         Governmental sectors

Unusual features of the job:

·         None

Major Problems encountered when carrying out role:

·         Interuptions

·         Last minute requests

·         Emergency leave

·         Awaiting all the relevant signatories can delay the process

·         Communication with employees due to language barrier

Knowledge and Skills needed:

·         Very good HR background

·         Well versed in KSA Labor Law

·         Organisational skills

·         Ability to resolve conflicts between employees

·         Interpersonal skills  (Analytical thinking, emotional inelegance, communication skills)