Senior Financial Analyst | Del Monte Arabia
Senior Financial Analyst
Vacancy Code: SFAFI
Function: Accounting
Position Type: Regular Full Time (permanent)
Country: UAE
Location: Dubai,UAE
Employment Type: Full Time
Date: July 10, 2016

The Main Purpose of the role:

·         Abide to the reporting policies

·         Deal with all issues related to reporting

·         Prepare & send reports to Local  & Regional Management

The main areas of responsibility:

·         Assist to a successful implementation of the ERP system

·         Consolidating the entire UAE weekly and monthly reports

·         Liaising with the Regional finance team in order to provide thorough justifications of the eventual variances versus plan and forecast

·         Completion of the local Management report by correctly allocating the intercompany fruit cost by market and source

·         Issuing a monthly analysis of the UAE performance in processed Fresh, Non-Fresh, and production.

·         Quarterly issue the updated Fresh, Non-Fresh, and production transfer price list to all sales units

·         Prepare  P&L new product’s implementation

·         Define and produce KPI reports related to the Region’s Processed Meat / Food Performance such as:

o   Sell-through percentage

o   Gross margin return on inventory investment

o   Promotion share

·         Analyze the date, monitoring the cost of each item purchased, the running cost of producing each item against the profit

·         Ensure adherence to corporate reporting guidelines

·         Ensure that all Regional Units comply to Corporate policies and procedures

Dimensions of the Job (targets):

·         Reporting deadlines must be met

·         Meet project deadlines

Department interaction:

·         Accounts department

·         Production

·         Sales

·         Procurement

·         HR

Flexibility in having to carry out a range of different tasks:

·         Structured role as timelines set for reporting

Work allocation, review and approval:

·         Reporting deadlines set by Regional finance

·         Reports reviewed and approved by Finance Manager  and General Manager before sending to Regional office

Decision making authority:

·         Makes scheduling and daily work decisions.  All main decisions taken by UAE Management.

Contacts made with others outside of Del Monte:

·         No outside contacts

Equipment / Tools used:

·         SAP

·         Excel

·         MS Office

Unusual features of the job:

·         None

Major Problems encountered when carrying out role:

·         System

·         Ensuring all related department  meet the set deadlines

Knowledge and Skills needed:

·         Strong analytical skills

·         Excellent knowledge in all Microsoft office products

·         Being exposed in an ERP implementation – preferably a Microsoft Dynamics product

·         Fast learner and willing to take on additional responsibilities

·         Strong report writing skills

·         Preferably knowledge with Macros