Chief Accountant | Del Monte Arabia
Chief Accountant
Vacancy Code: CAFI
Function: Accounting
Position Type: Regular Full Time (permanent)
Country: UAE
Location: Dubai,UAE
Employment Type: Full Time
Date: July 10, 2016

 The Main Purpose of the role:

·         To review and analyze all of the numbers to ensure everything is booked correctly

·         Review payments

·         Control customers payments

The main areas of responsibility:

·         Review daily bookings

·         Ensure monthly bank reconciliation is completed

·         Control and monitor the weekly payment run

·         Review treasury forecast

·         Ensure weekly reports are completed on time

·         Review vendor creation forms for Accounts Payable

·         Ensure supplier contracts are in adherence with company policy

·         Review customer applications from Sales Department

·         Create General Ledger Accounts

·         Review all new accounts

·         Review all daily entries to ensure booking is correct and supporting documents received

·         Arrange monthly closing tasks to meet corporate requirements

·         Prepare monthly financial reports

Dimensions of the Job (targets):

·         Adherence to closing deadlines and weekly reports

Department interaction:

·         Interaction with all subordinates on a daily basis

·         Procurement for vendor creation forms

·         Warehouse for customer returns

·         All departments for payment requests


Flexibility in having to carry out a range of different tasks:

·         Very structured role have to meet  guidelines set by corporate

Work allocation, review and approval:

·         Allocated from Management and Corporate

·         Routine payments approved by Chief Accountants

·         Ad hoc payments or requests reviewed and approved by Finance Manager

Decision making authority:

·         Makes decisions on all routine tasks, all other decisions are made by management

Contacts made with others outside of Del Monte:

·         Vendors/Customers

·         Bank

Equipments/Tools used:

·         SAP

·         Excel

·         MS Office

Unusual features of the job:

·         Occasional travel for ad hoc projects


Knowledge and Skills needed:

·         Accounts qualification and 5+ years experience

·         Experience of Receivables, Payable, Costing and Treasury accounting

·         Reporting skills

·         Strong excel knowledge

·         Time Management skills

·         Ability to prioritize and organize

·         Excellent communication skills in English

·         Leadership

·         Management skills